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What is Pantsuit Professionals?

About Us

Women have always been pioneers in change that transform the world. From powerful Queens like Cleopatra, Elizabeth I, and Catherine the Great, to remarkable contributors such as Soujourner Truth, Susan B. Anthony, and Marie Curie, Pantsuit Professionals are the women of today.

Pantsuit Professionals was created by ambitious and entrepreneurial women focused on bringing ingenious go-getters together to expand new networking horizons and to pursue goal-oriented results.

Pantsuit Professionals is dedicated to fostering a supportive community, made up of like-minded women across all industries of all ages and demographics.

The achievements of Pantsuit Professionals women are NOT defined by gender, race, class, or sexual orientation, but are defined by their intellectual excellence and contributions.

Our Goal

A financial Boomer executive, a marketing Gen X manager, and a social media Millennial associate brainstormed sitting around a table at an apartment in New York City. We are a group of entrepreneurial women from vastly different backgrounds and career experience levels with our sights set on common goals, high ambitions and the advancement of women in the workplace based on their intellectual capital - not gender.

Looking for a way to transfer our professional expertise, knowledge and advancement of Pantsuit Professionals member careers and personal brands, we developed a platform where members could learn and gain skills and expertise from other members. There was a void in women's networking organizations that provided a structured and supportive environment for all women of multi-dimensional backgrounds, uniting Boomer and Gen X experience with Millennial innovation, and all working women in between.

Pantsuit Professionals was created to provide resources and benefits to women professionals and students. Our model diverges from existing networks by reaching a broader audience and collaborating with other startup and established businesses to give our members the tools to accelerate in their career pursuits.

Our business plan includes expansion of Pantsuit Professionals serving working women throughout the U.S and overseas. We are inspired by what women have achieved throughout history and our purpose is to empower all women to have the opportunity to succeed in their most ambitious dreams, aspirations and careers.

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07 de jan. de 2019

Great article!

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